Our Director of Cancer Activities wishes to share the following notes, letters, and observations with you:


 September 27, 2018        -   Sis. Stacey Jordan-Knox, Director of Cancer Activities has received letters of thanks from several of the locations where we have donated items from the Eastern Star's Annual wish List, and for the 5 chemo chairs in Sis. Betty Henderson's name; and would like the jurisdiction to know that we have received them.

 June 28, 2018

- Letter from the BC Cancer Foundation regarding Chemo Chairs.

September 12, 2018

- Letter from the Erma Boyce Memorial Library, Vancouver

September 18, 2018

- Letter from Kelowna




This plaque is on display at the Erma Boyce Memorial Library

Erma Boyce Library Fund for knowledge: is meant for education - books, TV's, VCR's, and tapes in the patients' rooms to show what procedures are necessary for treatment.



    Do you have your Cancer Pin?

The butterfly is the emblem of our Cancer Project in British Columbia and Yukon. 

These pins have  been worn with pride since the project began.

They may be purchased from Sister Stacey Jordan-Knox, Director of Cancer Activities, at a cost of  $5.00 




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