The Order of the Eastern Star was formed in 1867. It was the first such organization to include both men and women, and it is still the largest organization in the world with men and women as members.

Dr. Rob Morris, Poet Laureate of Masonry, was the founder of our organization.
He felt that the female relatives of Master Masons should also share, in a small way, the benefits of this great fraternal Order.
It was through his dedication that the ritual, with its fundamental principles, was first published in 1849-50.
In 1950, the 100th anniversary of the writing of the ritual was observed in Washington, D.C.

The Grand Chapter of British Columbia and Yukon was constituted in 1912.




YEAR     WGM     WGP
1912 M. M. Douglas* W. C. Taylor*
1913 A.D. Perry* W. F. Richdale*
1914 A. M. Roberts* B. E. Beers*
1915 Mertle Rees* J. Wilby*
1916 F. N. Jones* B. F. Andrew*
1917 M. B. Foster* D. Deavelle*
1918 M. E. Barry* A. Rowell*
1919 M. H. Austin* H. E. Morris*
1920 C. Thompson* L. E. Frith*
1921 B. Sabin* J. N. Mcleod*
1922 J.M. Cornett* Rev. J. Thompson*
1923 F.S. Clair* C.F. Campbell*
1924 M.O. Paterson* G.F. Cameron*
1925 J. Shirras* J.K. Holmes*
1926 R. Barrow* J. Hammond*
1927 R.M. Warwick* J.W. Cornett*
1928 K.M.E. Davis* J.W. Clark*
1929 A. Lacey* J. Shirras*
1930 E. Maxwell* E. Deller*
1931 C.E. Wilcox* L.C. Brockway*
1932 F. Livingstone* W.C. Scafe*
1933 E. Schmeelk* H.G. Wilcox*
1934 A.E. Savage* H.E. Wenman*
1935 J. Northey* C.W. O’Neill*
1936 E. Gogaty* J.J. Meredith*
1937 M.E. Baillie-Davis* J.R. Hartley*
1938 E. Robinson* Capt. A. B. Watson*
1939 K. Irwin* J.V. Beklam*
1940 A. Smith* L.P. Young*
1941 A. McMaster* F.A. Francis*
1942 S. Harvey* W.J. Garvin*
1943 V. Jessen* J. Flack*
1944 E. Bentley* E. Webster*
1945 G. Shane* A.C. Carter*
1946 A. Marr* E.V. Bell*
1947 J. Hitchens-Smith* J. Robinson*
1948 M. Buchan* W.A. McLagan*
1949 F. Struthers* Geo. Welwood*
1950 E. Brown* R. Davidson*
1951 A.G. Purvis- Boss* L. Withrow*
1952 A. C. McDonald* H. Pook*
1953 M. Powell* F. Airey*
1954 C. Argyle* G.S. Barker*
1955 J. Allbright* W.J. Barge*
1956 I. Vance* W. Nicholson*
1957 W. Kirkham* H.I. Jones*
1958  M. Carr* H. Olts*
1959 D. Watson* A. McDonald*
1960 I. Erith* A.H. McDonald*
1961 F. M. Porter* W.S. Western*
1962 A. Hindmarch* Dr. W.W. Bell*
1963 A. Kennedy* W. Blinch*
1964 G. Rose* S. Buckthorp*
1965 N. Swailes* J. Moir*
1966 R. Fletcher* A. Gatz*
1967 M. Royston* H. Hill-Tout*
1968 G. Irving* W. Kennedy*
1969 V. Merrick* R. Cheale*
1970 M. Johnston* J. Thomas*
1971 F. Wood* R. Swailes*
1972 E. Batkin (Bottaro) * J.B. McMinn*
1973 E. Thomashewsky * L.C. Adair*
1974 M. Hill-Tout* J.J. Brown*
1975 D. M. Galpin W.R. Thomas*
1976 B. Schellenberg* J.F. Fisher*
1977 E. Fetterly* W.C. Jones*
1978 G. McKay* J.R. Fawcus*
1979 R. Moffat* N.I. Campbell *
1980 I. Finholm E.L. Millin *
1981 I. McManus* B. Peters
1982 V. Hanson* R.P. Ellis*
1983 H. McCall* V.G. Willis*
1984 I. DeYaeger* R. Williscroft*
1985 R. Cole* G. Tench*
1986 R. M. Barnes D.J. Morris *
1987 R. I. Millin I. Hamilton*
1988 M. Tucker* D. Vass*
1989 B. Blythe E. Pierce
1990 M. M. White J. Branson *
1991 B. Wardill A. Staley*
1992 R. Davis G. Martin*
1993 E. Williscroft * B. Minchin
1994 M. Lebed* M. Barry *
1995 M. Cooper* R. Morgan*
1996 B. Caswell* W. Diggens*
1997 M. Newbury* A. Thomson
1998 G. Pierce* W. Verge*
1999 A. Vossberg R. Simpson*
2000 P. Crowe* D. Caswell
2001 E. Jackson S. Vrskovy
2002 T. Emery D. McMillan*
2003 L. M. Massey * M. Solecki
2004 N. Witt W. Woodhouse
2005 G. Verge N. Parham
2006 K. Ball D. Boot *
2007 J. Stanley-Long J. Smith *
2008 S. Cormie G. MacDonald*
2009 M. Pettigrew W. Crook
2010 S. Jordan-Knox R. McSween*
2011 E. Palmieri A. Reid*
2012 J. Clearwater (Wowk) J. Firbank
2013 G. Allen K. Knuttila*
2014 C. Pierce K. Glen
2015 A. Lysholm J. Pound
2016 M. Sutton J. Green
2017 J. Finley B. Masters
2018 A. Hallam T. Hallam


2019-2020 S. Paugh J. Stephens
2021 E. Howells L. Holthe
2022 B. MacDuff K. Howells


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